Abus Granit Detecto 8008 Lock Black 16mm

£ 179.99
Brand: Abus
The lock boasts a 16 mm thick locking bolt made of specially hardened steel. Thanks to the integrated electronic warning system, the lock will trigger the 100 dB alarm for 15 seconds if anyone attempts to move your locked bike. Afterwards, the GRANIT™ Detecto XPlus 8008 automatically re-arms itself. The integrated 3D position detection technology reacts to the slightest movement. The ABUS XPlus cylinder offers protection against lock picking.

The GRANIT™ Detecto XPlus 8008 includes a key with an integrated LED torch and a manually operated keyhole cover to protect against dirt and corrosion.

16 mm locking bolt
The bolt and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
Alarm function which emits a 100 dB noise for 15 seconds and then automatically re-arms itself
3D position detection – detects vibrations and the slightest movement in all three dimensions and triggers the alarm
Acoustic signal indicates battery status and active status
ABUS XPlus cylinder for the greatest protection against tampering, e.g. picking
Two keys are included, one of which comes with an integrated LED torch
Manually operated keyhole cover to protect against dirt and corrosion
ABUS code card for spare and replacement keys
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Color Grey
Line Detecto
Line Granit
Name 8008
Size 16mm
Type Lock