GIVI E22 Plastic Panniers Monokey 22L

£ 152.00 £ 129.20
Brand: Givi

Pair of panniers

Capacity: 22L

Size (HxWxD): 370x470x225 mm

Max Load: 5kg

Monokey, patented by GIVI is the most widespread fitting system for hard cases and side cases. Simple to use, it allows operation with only one key both opening of the case top and the detachment of the case from the fitting plate. All the Monokey products combine the best characteristics of mechanical resistance and rigidity of the fitting, with features using compact and light components. The even distribution of the load on the plate surface is guaranteed by the three fitting points. The damping of oscillating and vibration and the contact between the bottom shell and the plate are assured by four spacers made of elastic material which is particularly resistant to extreme weather and temperature variation. Thanks to these solutions a high level of reliability of the fitting is guaranteed.

We are one of the largest UK suppliers of GIVI products, however like many UK stockists, the majority of our stock comes from the supplier at time of order.
When ordering GIVI please expect at least 14 days for your order to be processed and dispatched.
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Luggage capacity 22L
Luggage fitting system Monokey
Name E22
Type Panniers